Flight is the ability to travel through an atmospheric system, or in outer space through a means of propulsion that counters or exceeds the gravitational pull of the planet. This power is most commonly found in superhero fantasy stories as well as the whole of science fiction. The term flight may also be used to describe a scheduled plan of travel from a point of origin to a destination.

There are different types of flying:

  • Natural flight, which represents an individual or item's ability to break the Earth's gravity to limited extent without the need for flight-specific biology or external resources, such as a jet-pack.
  • Winged flight, which is the ability of an organism to achieve the same levels of altitude and velocity afforded through natural flight, but propulsion is governed through organic wings.
  • Artificial flight, which is the ability to fly by way of alternative methods, either through cybernetic enhancement, a jet-pack, jet boots, power armor, mecha or even a fancy silver cosmic power-imbued surfboard.
  • Gliding, which is the ability to use atmospheric conditions as a means of propulsion and the governing of speed and direction. This can be accomplished through either natural processeses or enhanced by special equipment.
  • Levitation, Levitation is the red-headed stepchild of natural flight. It allows the individual the ability to hover in the air for a few minutes. They might even be able to move in a desired direction if the wind picks up.

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