[1]=Daphne blakeby antoniodeluca= Cartoons & Comics / Digital Media / Cartoons / Drawings©2014 antoniodeluca Daphne  fanart!!!! lots of fun with her!! It's Halloween Scooby Like Especially Miss Prone Danger Goofy Girl Blake All tonight Besides More Cool Halloween treats,Tributes and Superprises Also For all you Straight Boys and Straight For everything Boys like Me We'll Also the Daphnator aka Daphe the Scooby Barbie Doll the Mostly Lovely Cutest thing in Mysteries and Scooby Universe Get Ready to Dream the Blake that's Daphne Blake

Address: 9000 Easy Street, Coolsville Ohio
Also known as danger-prone Daphne, she can find trouble sitting still. Daphne always has to look her best, she just hates it when fog ruins her hair. But don't think of her as no brains all beauty, she receives straight A's in school. She is very good with a camera and always has one on hand, and she can also fly a helicoptor. When she grows up she wants to write mystery novels, and maybe with the help of her millionaire father, her dream will come true. The Blake family fortune was made by Daphne's dad, who created the product, Blakes Bubbles. They have a mansion, which includes a zoo, horse stables and an outdoor pool with a marble top that converts into a dance floor. Relatives include: George R. Blake, dad; Elizabeth Blake, Mom; Uncle Matt, a cattle rancher; John Maxwell, uncle whose a movie director; Olivia Derby, aunt; Jennifer, cousin; butler, Jenkins.

George & Elizabeth Blake Uncle Matt Uncle John Maxwell Aunt Olivia Derby butler, Jenkins

[2]=DAPHNEby koshijhonny= Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Illustrations / Technical©2009-2014 koshijhonny   


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