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Fort Rozz on Supergirl.

Fort Rozz is an alien fortress converted into a prison. It appeared in episodes of the CBS television series Supergirl. In the comics, Fort Rozz was actually a Kryptonian prison. In later years, it became a temporary holding facility, containing criminals on trial before they would be sentenced to the Phantom Zone. A Kryptonian criminal known as Dev-Em was sentenced to Fort Rozz for crimes of murder and perversion, but as things turned out, a riot broke out in the prison before the administrators could activate the Phantom Zone Projector. In the midst of the chaos, the projector exploded and the entire prison was transferred directly into the Phantom Zone.

On Supergirl, Fort Rozz crash-landed on Earth at around the same time that Kara Zor-El's rocket pod first arrived. The fort crashed in the middle of the Nevada desert some five-hundred miles north of National City. The prisoners who were trapped inside could now escape, many of which were Kryptonians, while others were from varying races. The United States Army quarantined the area and kept the location of Fort Rozz top-secret. Even members of the Department of Extranormal Operations were unaware of its location. Two of the most notable Kryptonian prisoners, Astra and Non, used it as their base of operations while they prepared to enact the Myriad protocols. The computerized android known as Indigo took refuge at Fort Rozz shortly after Astra's death.

Non and Indigo used an omegahedron power source, as well as stolen materials from Lord Technologies to create the Myriad Wave, which blanketed the Earth, threatening to kill every human on the planet by making their heads explode. General Sam Lane of the United States Army informed Supergirl and the Martian J'onn J'onzz of where Fort Rozz was located. The heroes flew to the location and engaged Non and Indigo in combat. After they were defeated, Supergirl used her super-strength to push Fort Rozz into the sky and cast it into the outer space so that the Myriad device would no longer have an effect. (Supergirl: Better Angels)

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