Frogs are amphibians that hop around on lily pads and say "Ribbit, ribbit". They seem to prefer living in swamps, but don't be surprised if you find a few belly-up in your pool. There are not a lot of career opportunities for frogs, owing largely to the fact that most of them cannot speak and they are by and large, stupid. One industrious frog however succeeded in managing a career as an on-the-scene news broadcaster and then funneled that into opening up his own variety show. This frog also had a bizarre relationship with a pig. Nobody is quite clear why.

The Walking Dead Edit

Shane Walsh, while trying to bond with Carl Grimes (the son of Lori Grimes, whom Shane was sleeping with), took him out into a pond and began teaching him how to catch frogs. Later, when Lori and Shane got into an argument she told told him to "...tell it to the frogs". [1]

Sasha Williams was walking along a muddy path in Virginia when she came upon dozens of dead frogs lying belly-up in the muck. She could not determine for herself what killed the animals. [2]

Notes Edit

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