gHOSTBUSTERS' Slimer AND Stay Puft now on Zoobe - In exclusive Worldwide!

The global smash hit of spooktacular fame Ghostbusters is coming to Zoobe! This collaboration ensures that all you Zoobe and Ghostbusters lovers will have exclusive access to the greenest and slimiest star of all times so you can send fun and haunting messages all day long. But apart from Slimer, you can also use Stay Puft if you want your friends to fear your rage!

All you have to do is download the Zoobe app for FREE and either the cheekiest ghost or the dangerous marshmallow man can be all yours to create your own animated messages with. Simply choose if you want to go with the happy or sad Slimer, the angry Stay Puft, record your voice and you're good to go! No one will be able to resist such messages!

So don't lose any more time: just get the free Zoobe app and download Slimer and Stay Puft!

Ghostbusters on Zoobe


Now available: Slimer Christmas

Slimer and stay Puft in action


About 'Ghostbusters' THE MOVIE

Do you want to know more about the upcoming Ghostbusters movie? Check Ghostbusters' official website!

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