Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Gertie.

She-Wolf of London Edit

She-Wolf of London 1x02 004

Gertie was the elderly aunt of Professor Ian Matheson and the sister of Ian's mother, Elizabeth Matheson. She lived in the town of Letchmoor Heath where she worked as a seamstress. One morning, Gertie went out to the heath to do some work. As she was digging, she discovered the preserved remains of a two-hundred year-old man named Atticus Grey. He had been buried in shallow ground with a noose around his neck. The acidic peat from the heath kept him in a good state of preservation. Gertie felt that this was her ticket out of Letchmoor, so she dug up the rest of the body and brought it to the Three Horseshoes tavern where she showed it off. She contacted her sister Elizabeth and told her about finding the "bogman". Elizabeth volunteered her son Ian Matheson to journey to Letchmoor to analyze her find.

Late that evening, the bogman rose from his state of death and broke into Gertie's home. He strangled her to death and stitched her eyes and mouth shut. Her body was discovered the following morning and the local declared that this was the first murder the heath had seen in over a hundred years.

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