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Series Music by Edit

Nick Coler ... (21 episodes, 2001-2010)
   Brian Higgins                                      
Timothy Powell ... (20 episodes, 2001-2010)
Fabrice Aboulker

Series Music Department Edit

Hayden Whiting ... music editor (56 episodes, 2003-2006)
Miranda Cooper and Brian Higgins ... composer: title music (21 episodes, 2001-2010)
Delphine Measroch ... music editor (19 episodes, 2008-2010)
Rob Sutcliffe ... music supervisor (15 episodes, 2001-2004)
Benoît Fort ... music editor (9 episodes, 2001-2002)
Jennifer McCann ... music supervisor / music producer (8 episodes, 2003-2010)
Hugo Barbier ... music editor (3 episodes, 2003-2004

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