the Legendary Gram Actors Samantha Newark Cathianne Blore Cindy Mcgee Misfits Actors Patricia Albtretch Bobbie Block Susan Blu and Singers Jem/Misfits Britta Phillips Ellen Bernfield Get My Favorite Soap Opera Hallo Like Plus Almost Everybody in that Episode Will Be in the Halloween Fame Sorry Roxy Fans the Thing is If They Don't Do That Much Halloween Credits Beside that Episode Like  Bobbie Samantha Paris Block Roxy Then They WILL Not Be in the Fame Besides She's Retired Therefor She'll  Will Not Be Able to Get Anything Else Halloween Like But Ellen Bernfield Will Be in the Fame Because That Don't Look Now is Just As Famous As Britta's Fun To Be Scared Even I Love Roxy She's A Misfited Barbie Doll But Her Original Voice Girl Doesn't Do Too Much October Holiday Like

        Jem And The Holograms Halloween    I figured I needed something new to post. This is Terry. She’s a starlight girl from the show JEM. She only shows up a few times throughout the show, but she’s extremely superstitious in the episode “Trick or Techrat” but then… isn’t… [shrugs]                             

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