Ghost Whisperer: The Fourth Season
Ghost Whisperer - The Fourth Season
Series: Ghost Whisperer
Format: Region 1 DVD
Season: 4
Episodes: 23
Discs: 6
Studio: Paramount Home Video
Released: September 20th, 2009
Previous: Season Three
Next: Season Five

Ghost Whisperer: The Fourth Season is a six-disc DVD collection that includes all twenty-three episodes from season four of the CBS supernatural drama series Ghost Whisperer. The collection was produced by Paramount Home Video and released in Region 1 format on September 20th, 2009. The series stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon, David Conrad as Jim Clancy, Christoph Sanders as Ned Banks, Jamie Kennedy as Eli James, and Camryn Manheim as Delia Banks.

Episodes Edit

"Big Chills"
"Ghost in the Machine"
"Save Our Souls"
"Imaginary Friends and Enemies"
"Heart & Soul"
"Pieces of You"
"Ball and Chain"
"Life on the Line"
"This Joint's Haunted"
"Body of Water"
"Slow Burn"
"Greek Tragedy"
"Ghost Busted"
"Delusions of Grandview"
"Leap of Faith"
"Thrilled to Death"
"Stage Fright"
"Endless Love"
"The Book of Changes"

Notes Edit

  • Total running time: 1,015 minutes.
  • Languages: English.
  • Aspect ratio: 1:78:1 (widescreen).

Special features Edit

  • Webisodes.
  • Interactive games.
  • Spooky featurettes.

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