Goof Troop (SNES)


Goof Trop is somewhat of an anomaly in the history of cartoon to video game adaptations in that it is not a side scrolling platformer. Though most of the games took this route, Goof Troop instead was more of a top down action adventure game, almost akin to Bomberman or the Legend of Zelda series at the time. It was a welcome bit of variety, designed by the now famous Shinji Mikami who went on to become most well known for survival horror games like Resident Evil and Dino Crisis.

In another nod to the Legend of Zelda series, Goof Troop had a heavy focus on using various collectible upgrades to solve puzzles and advance in the game while using a mixture of projecticles and melee attacks to take care of the various enemies on screen. Like some of the other games covered, Goof Troop also put an emphasis on co operative play, encouraging players to take on the game as a team. Despite its Zelda similarities, Goof Troop was nowhere near as deep as the Zelda games, with somewhat basic puzzles and being relatively easy to complete. Although not the most difficult of games, it is definitely a fun one and a rewarding experience based on one of the less popular Disney creations

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