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Gotham City Jail
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
City: Gotham City
Notable apperances: Batman (1966)
Batman (1992)

The Gotham City Jail is a fictional location featured in the Batman multimedia franchise. Some form of this location, whether it be known by this name or another, has appeared in nearly every iteration of the Batman mythos.

Batman: The Animated Series Edit

The Gotham City Jail is a rather generic term, but it has been used in various Batman related media. Put simply, this is where all of the bad guys who aren't crazy enough to get carted straight to Arkham Asylum end up. Here they await trial until sentencing (and lets face it, they are ALWAYS sentenced) before being shipped off to a larger holding facility such as Blackgate Island. On Batman: The Animated Series, police commissioner James Gordon was sent here after being framed for accepting bribes from crime boss Rupert Thorne. Batman, knowing that Gordon was innocent, sneaked a communicator into his cell so that he could get information from him in his efforts to clear Gordon's name. [1]

References Edit

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