Gotham City Police Headquarters
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
City: Gotham City
Residents: Gotham City Police Department

Description Edit

This was the law-enforcement headquarters of the Gotham City Police Department. Commissioner James Gordon maintained his office here, and the building was staffed by different bureaus including homicide detectives, vice squad, uniformed officers and general staff. One thing that distinguished the GCPD HQ from other municipal police stations is the fact that it owned a high-powered projection lamp on its roof, specially designed to project the illuminated image of a bat in order to summon Batman. This beacon has come to be known as the Bat-Signal.

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Batman (1966) Edit

Batman: The Animated Series Edit

When James Gordon was arrested on trumped charges of accepting bribes from crime boss Rupert Thorne, deputy police commissioner Gil Mason rallied the staff to come out in support of him. Harvey Bullock was particularly pleased to know that the department was doing everything it could to clear Gordon's name. [1]

Batman Beyond Edit

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