Ghost Whisperer 1x01 004
Category: Town
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: New York
Points of interest: Grandview Square; Same As It Never Was
Notable apperances: Ghost Whisperer
1st appearance: "Pilot"

Grandview is a fictional town and the primary setting for the supernatural drama series Ghost Whisperer, which aired on CBS from 2005-2009, spanning a total of 107 episodes. Grandview was introduced in the program's pilot episode, and has appeared in every episodes of the series to some extent, including flashbacks.

Points of interest Edit

Grandview Square
Grandview Square is a Bohemian-style shopping district located in Grandview. Melinda Gordon's shop, Same As It Never Was, is located in Grandview Square.
Same As It Never Was Antiques
Same As It Never Was Antiques is an antiques store owned and operated by Melinda Gordon. It was located in Grandview Square. Andrea Marino worked there as a retail clerk up until her death in 2006.

Residents Edit

represents characters who have passed away in Grandview, or whose earthbound spirits languished in Grandview.

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