"Plumed Serpent" is the fourteenth episode of season one of the supernatural crime drama series Grimm. It was directed by Steven DePaul with a script written by Alan DiFiore. It first aired on NBC on Friday, March 9th, 2012 at 9:00 pm. In this episode, Nick and Monroe come upon a Wesen fire dancer named Ariel Eberhart. Nick ponders whether this might relate to an arson investigation that he is working on.

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  • This episode features music from the song "The Fire" by Franz Ferdinand.
  • Reference is made to events that took place in the pilot episode of the series. Archival recap footage is used in this episode.

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  • Eddie Monroe: Hey, I'm just glad to be here, to you know, help rescue a woman I've never met before. Or been introduced to. But, you know, hey, I don't take it personally...
  • Nick Burkhardt: Are you really going to bring that up right now?




  • Eddie Monroe: It is so classic.
  • Nick Burkhardt: What?
  • Eddie Monroe: Your princess has been taken by the dragon, right? And the rest is obvious, you know? Beautiful women being taken, dragged into caves, and the men sacrificing everything to go after them. It is the ancient archetype of the whole relationship megillah. Only problem is, somebody always dies.

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Said the dragon, 'Many knights have left their lives here, I shall soon have an end for you, too,' and he breathed fire out of seven jaws.

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Captain | Detective | Fire dancer | Oregon | Police officer | Portland | Portland Police Bureau | Sergeant | Wesen

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