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Gypsies. or Gypsy, is an exonym, which refers to any ethnic group relating to the Romani people. The Romani originated in India some 1,000 years ago and have migrated across Europe and the United States. Like the Jews, the Romani were greatly persecuted by the Nazis during World War II and were subject to imprisonment, sterilization and execution. Films portray the Romani in a rather stereotyped and uncomplimentary light. They are mostly presented in works that take place in 19th century and are generally seen living nomadic lifestyles, moving from town to town in caravans, and are known for being con-artists, fortune tellers, carnival workers and dancers.

Characters Edit

Character Series
Destiny Rumancek Hemlock Grove
Johnny Romano Dark Shadows
Lynda Rumancek Hemlock Grove
Magda Rakosi Dark Shadows
Nicolae Rumancek Hemlock Grove
Peter Rumancek Hemlock Grove
Sandor Rakosi Dark Shadows

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