Haim Saban

Haim Saban (born October 15, 1944 in Alexandra, Egypt) is a television producer and composer. By the time he moved to LA in 1983, he had already enjoyed a huge amount of success as a record producer in France, and as a tour promoter in Israel. Together with Shuki Levy, he founded Saban Entertainment and, using the pseudonym Kussa Mahchi,[1] became well known as the composer or co-composer on a number of original animated productions as well as foreign media imported to the United States. Most often paired with Shuki Levy, Saban has written the music for shows such as Digimon, Action Man, the 90s Spider-Man series and Teknoman among others. Saban also co-wrote (with Levy) the music for the original Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z and its theme song, "Rock the Dragon".

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1.↑ "words & music: Haim Saban (Kussa Mahchi, pseud.) and Shuki Levy.", accessed 2011-04-10

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