Hallelujah is a 1984 song performed by Leonard Cohen. A cover of the song was released by Alexandra Burke in 2008. and Legendary Girly of 1000 Voices Atomic Betty/Bernstein Bears Herself Tajja Isen in 2013

This is in the Mortal Words Of My Sweet Kylie Who Invented Mediamass Why why why yyyyyyyyyyyyyy Did they not Put a Beyond 30 Years in the Buisness Cartoonist/Singer Honey Like Tajja She's Everywhere There's Even a Site that Said She's Done over 30 Programs in 10 Years and Plus She's Done Plays Of The Lion King,ect and she also sings over 5 cartoon songs like other legends Jennifer Hale,Samantha Lombardi,ect

after all Brent,ect think they know everything and they destroyed the site period when it's done by real girl celebrity legends like kYLIE AND EVERYBODY FROM MUSIC CHOICE Alicia Keys Tajja Isen

Young Nala in a Toronto production of Disney's The Lion King

2003–04 The Berenstain Bears Sister Bear

Atomic Betty Betty and others

2005–11 Jane and the Dragon Jane Turnkey Time Warp Trio (TV Series) Jodie Her Songs 1. "Atomic Betty Theme Song" 2:25 2. "Supersonic Tronic Kinda Girl" 4:09 3. "Alien Ball (Do The Betty!)" 3:22 4. "Dog Star Sirius" 2:30 5. "A Feeling Called Love" 4:47 6. "Hold On" 3:53 7. "Back In Space" 2:01 8. "This Cat Is Coming After You" 3:19 9. "That's What I Do" 4:12 10. "Don't Surrender