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Ben Harmon from American Horror Story.

Hanging is a means of execution wherein a person is bound and has a noose placed about their neck. They are abruptly dropped from a predetermined height (a standard drop is anywhere from four to six feet) until the noose tightens, snapping their neck.

In western culture, hanging was a common means of execution utilized up until the early twentieth century. It is still widely used in many other cultures and may even be the primary means of capital punishment. The wooden structure that includes the platform, and the frame through which the ligature is threaded is called the gallows.

Examples Edit

  • "It's a Shame About Ray": In a limbo dimension, the ghost of Stevie Atkins is forced to relive a moment of hanging, even though this was not the manner in which he originally died.
  • Episode 460: The time-displaced Victoria Winters was executed for witchcraft by hanging in the year 1796. Fortunately for her, the mysterious forces that first sent her backwards in time, returned her to the present at the moment of death, so she actually survived.
  • "See": The Cowboy passes through the town of Ratwater where he spies several Native Americans hung from a tree, all of whom had been scalped.
  • "Still": Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene come upon the Pine Vista Country Club where they find three walkers hanging from nooses inside a building. They were apparently hung by rivals at the lodge during the initial zombie outbreak. [1]

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References Edit

  1. Information relating to these hangings was also revealed on the episode of Talking Dead that corresponded to this episode.

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