Hank Foxx
American Horror Story 3x04 002
Hank Foxx
Series: American Horror Story: Coven
Gender: Male
Notability: Antagonist
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Status: Deceased
Died: 2013
Actor: Josh Hamilton
Toby Nichols

Hank Foxx is a fictional witch hunter and a recurring antagonist featured on the FX Network television series American Horror Story. He appeared in the season three serial, "Coven", where he was played by actor Josh Hamilton. Actor Toby Nichols played a fourteen-year-old Hank Foxx in flashback scenes in the series.

Biography Edit

Hank Foxx was the husband of Cordelia Goode. The marriage however, was a ruse, as Hank was actually a witch hunter who worked for a corporate entity led by his father, Harrison Renard. Hank falsified a job as a USDA inspector, which enabled him to go all across the country in search of targets.

While still married to Cordelia, Hank had an affair with a young woman named Kaylee. After a brief tryst, Hank's true motivations for engaging with her were revealed as Kaylee was a witch with pyrokinetic powers. Hank used a gun with a silencer and executed her in the bedroom.

Hank then engaged in an attack against the Cornrow City salon in New Orleans, Louisiana. The witches that worked there, led by Marie Laveau, were actually rivals of Cordelia Goode's coven. Hank began slaughtering all of the staff members at the salon, until a recent addition to the group, Queenie, used her powers as a human voodoo doll and shot herself in the mouth. The wound transferred to Hank, who died instantly.

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  • Hank Foxx appeared in a total of seven episodes from season three of American Horror Story. He appeared in 1 episode played by two different actors.

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