Birthing Hips  aka Hartman Hips                                          

Named after writer/animator Butch Hartman, whose cartoons often make use of this trope, because Stephen Silver designs many of the characters for his shows Both Are Legendary For Danny Phantom

Sam Sparks◊ (left in that image) from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Most of the background female characters also qualify, but Sam's got the thinnest waist and biggest hips by far.

Megara from Disney's Hercules was actually designed to be shaped like a Greek vase.

  • Genndy Tartakovsky seems to really enjoy using this trope for his adolescent and adult female characters. He proved as much in Hotel Transylvania. Mavis◊ and Wanda◊ all have very wide hips compared to the rest of them. Wanda is at least slightly justified in that she's pregnant with at least three were-pups. Mavis is the truest case , although it's downplayed because she's still supposed to be barely an adult (by monster standards, anyway).
  • Tinkerbell from Walt Disney's Peter Pan, to her dismay. Humorously used when her hips get her stuck in a keyhole.
    • Rosetta of the Disney Fairies. Her hips are huge. Even compared to Tinker Bell's!
  • Helen Parr from The Incredibles. A mother of three who's been retired for 15-20 years (give or take), and had much more svelte thighs in the prologue. Passing a reflective metal surface, she happens to get a glance of her butt and sighs unhappily, showing that she had gained quite a lot of weight in that area. Mirage is pencil-thin, but even her hips are as wide as her shoulders◊. Violet has a more teen-size version.
  • Alice, from Alice: Madness Returns, has very prominent hips. Wider than her shoulders in fact.
  • It was agreed on by the studio to not give Alice big boobs. It makes sense though, as Alice is a very skinny and petite character. Using big breasts to emphasize her femininity would not be logical.
  • Although this could be due to her dress, the way she interacts with her hips shows that she in fact has wide hips. As shown in this picture.
  • The way she walks also emphasizes her hips. As shown in this gif.
  • Every female character in the Webcomic I Dream Of A Jeanie Bottle. Most extreme on this page
  • Betty's mom from Atomic Betty has wide hips. An episode shows that Betty will grow these.
  • Delia Deetz from the Beetlejuice cartoon
  • All of the female characters in Clone High. Lampshaded in one episode, in which Abe draws up a flyer for Joan to get her a date for prom. Among other strange attributes (including "Janeane Garofalo-esque" and "Not religious"), he highlights her "good birthing hips".
  • In Danny Phantom, you have Maddie Fenton, Valerie Gray (in costume), Ember McLain, Penelope Spectra, Desiree (despite having no legs), Paulina, and Starr to a lesser extent.
  • The DCAU runs into this on at times.
    • Superman: The Animated Series has the villainous Livewire. Whereas most of the women in the show are examples of Impossible Hourglass Figure, Livewire isn't as well endowed. Apparently, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, experimenting with their new art style, wanted to toe the line rather than bring in superhero appearances all at once. In Justice League her figure looks the same as all the other women.
    • Batman: The Animated Series, given its more realistic art, does not use this trope. When the show was retooled (with some budget cuts) into The New Batman Adventures, with a new animation style very similar to (but not exactly like) the animation on Superman: The Animated Series, Hartman Hips become more common.
    • Batman Beyond, with an improvement of The New Batman Adventures animation style, didn't. Most of the time. Sometimes (like with Max, for example), they do.
  •  Peg Pete from Goof Troop is probably among the curviest females in Disney tv series history, with hips wider than her shoulders.
  • From Phineas and Ferb, Linda Flynn-Fletcher (mother of Phineas and Ferb) and Professer Poofenplotz.
    • Future!Candace as well, and as of season four, regular Candace is starting to show these
    • Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats.
    • Comes up occasionally in Scooby-Doo if the art style is in a certain way: for example, all the girls in Abracadabra-Doo. Made more obvious due to the movies liberal use of Male Gaze as well.
    • Mumm-rana; a good Distaff Counterpart of Big Bad Mumm-ra, the main villian of Thunder Cats