Superman TAS 3x04 009

Superman using heat vision.

Heat vision is a form of energy projection. The term is almost universally applied to the DC Comics character Superman, and is often demonstrated by the character himself, as well as others who possess his power set. In addition to the comics themselves, heat vision has been demonstrated in practically every media adaptation of the character including feature films, television programs, animated projects and video games.

Heat vision is a bit of a misnomer as it is not actually a vision-based power, but reflective of the fact that the possessor can project beams of concentrated thermal energy from their eyes. This power is possessed by any member of the Kryptonian race who operates within an environment in a yellow star system. Activating heat vision is done through an act of will and the beams take the form of a steady stream of red laser energy which emits from both eyes simultaneously. Even amongst lesser powered Kryptonian life forms, heat vision can be a deadly weapon and can easily melt through a titanium steel door with little to no effort.

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