Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Henderson.

Doctor Who Edit

Doctor Who 7.1 002

Doctor Henderson was a fictional physician who appeared in the original British science fiction program, Doctor Who. He made two appearances in the show in 1970, appearing in the first two installments of the "Spearhead from Space" serial. He was played by actor Antony Webb.

Doctor Henderson was a general practitioner who worked at Ashbridge Cottage Hospital in the early 1970s. He administered care to a patient who proved to be quite the medical curiosity - a patient who was also something of a Doctor in his own right. When a nurse presented Doctor Henderson with the patient's x-ray, he noticed that he had two hearts and thought that somebody had been playing a prank on him. He later telephoned Doctor Lomax in pathology who argued with him over the patient's blood samples, which appeared to be something other than human.

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