Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Hermann.

Hermann may be used as a first name, but may also be used as a surname as well. It is Germanic in origin.

Doctor Who Edit

Hermann - Doctor Who

Hermann was a butler for Count Carlos Scarlioni, who lived in Paris, France, and was actually an ancient member of the Jagaroth race named Scaroth. He assisted Count Scarlioni in stealing numerous versions of the Mona Lisa from different points in time, which the Count intended on selling and using the money to finance the creation of a scientific device. Countering Scarlioni's efforts were the time traveling Fourth Doctor his companion, Romana, and a thuggish detective named Duggan. Hermann and Scarlioni captured the two, and Hermann held them at gunpoint. Scarlioni later ordered Hermann to take Duggan away. He later announced to the Countess that Scarlioni wished to speak privately with the Doctor. Hermann later saw the Count in his true form as Scaroth, but not recognizing him, panicked and threw a vase at him, which caused Scarlioni's machine to explode, killing him.

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