Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Hermilia.

Hemlock Grove Edit

Hemlock Grove 1x05 002

Hermilia is a fictional werewolf featured on the Netflix streaming video series, Hemlock Grove. Played by actress Nicole Muñoz, she made a single appearance in flashback in episode 1x05, "Hello, Handsome".

Hermilia was a young woman of Latino origin. She was also a special breed of rogue werewolf known as a vargulf. Hermilia was captured by members of the Order of the Dragon and placed in a cell, which she shared with a woman named Clementine Chasseur. Hermilia's placement with Chasseur was designed to test Clementine's mettle, to see if she was ready to become a full member of the order. When Hermilia began to shift into her vargulf state, Clementine beat her to death.