Season One
Heroes 001
Season Premiere September 25th, 2006
Season Finale May 21st, 2007
Episode Count 23



Season 2

Heroes is an American television series of the science fiction and superhero fantasy genres. It was created by Tim Kring and produced by Tailwind Productions and released through Universal Media Studios. Season one of Heroes aired on NBC from September 25th, 2006 to May 21st, 2007, totalling twenty-three episodes. The premise of the show involved a mysterious event that spontaneously gifted a group of seemingly unconnected individuals with superhuman abilities. The central characters are bonded through an act of fate, and a vision of a nuclear holocaust that can only be averted by the actions of several key figures. In addition to the promise of national calamity, there is also the rise of a villain - a psychotic killer calling himself Sylar, who has the ability to duplicate the abilities of others by taking their brains.

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  • The tagline for the season is, "Save the cheerleader -- save the world".
  • Each episode of Heroes is divided into numbered chapters.
  • Season one of Heroes has the second-largest amount of episodes per season after season three, which has twenty-five episodes.
  • Isaac Mendez's artwork was actually illustrated by comic book graphic artist Tim Sale.

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