American Horror Story 3x08 003

A homeless man is a male individual who is destitute and without a home. The means by which they come upon such hard times may vary, but people generally take a despondent view upon homeless people.

A homeless man appeared in the "The Sacred Taking" episode of American Horror Story, which was part of the show's "Coven" serial in season three. He was played by actor Gregory Bright. In the episode, this individual was one of several such unfortunates living beneath a bridge in New Orleans, Louisiana. A woman named Queenie, who also happened to be a witch, walked through the area and the man accosted her. Queenie used her power as a living voodoo doll to stab herself in the hand with piece of wood with a nail sticking out of it. The pain was immediately transferred to the homeless man whose hand opened up and began bleeding. Taking advantage of the situation, Queenie then attacked him directly with the piece of wood.

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