Horace Gladstone
DS 987 002
Horace Gladstone
Series: Dark Shadows
Gender: Male
Notability: Recurring character
Occupation: Scientist
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Status: Deceased
Died: 1970
First: Episode 987
Actor: John Harkins

Horace Gladstone is a fictional scientist and a recurring character featured on the 1960s daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. Played by actor John Harkins, he was introduced in episode 987 in April, 1970. Horace Gladstone is part of the "1970 Parallel Time" storyline.

Biography Edit

Horace Gladstone was a scientist specializing in chemistry. He was working in Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1970s. Horace received a strange order for a supply of chemicals which he felt were complicated and possibly even dangerous. The order came from a man named Cyrus Longworth of Collinsport, Maine.

After receiving the request, Horace Gladstone made a personal visit to Collinsport to see Longworth. He warned him that he too once came too close to unlocking scientific truths that he felt were best left undiscovered, and advised Longworth against venturing down such a path. Naturally, Cyrus ignored Gladstone's warnings. [1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • In the series credits, Horace Gladstone was identified as Mister Gladstone only.
  • Horace Gladstone made eight appearances on Dark Shadows in total.

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