Huboom! was a programming block on Hub Network that underwent many variations during the network's existence.


[hide] *1 Original Huboom!

Original Huboom!Edit

The original incarnation of Huboom! ran on weekday nights from 11:30pm to 1:00am Eastern Time, beginning in October of 2010 until Fall of 2011. The block was hosted by a cynical and irritable copier (voiced by Townsend Coleman) and a delusional fax machine (which believed beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was an "officebot" Transformer). Aimed at adults who grew up on Hasbro's older cartoons, Huboom! was The Hub's "nostalgia" block.

Shows on Huboom! included the Adam West version of Batman, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and The Transformers (branded by the network as "Transformers: Generation One").

After the Huboom! label was removed, the programs on Huboom! continued running in their 11:30pm to 1:00am timeslots for several months.


[2]It's about time we got Batman on this wiki.==Weekday afternoon Huboom!== Beginning in May of 2012, Huboom! was revived as a boy's action cartoon block, running on weekday afternoons from 3:00pm to 7:30pm Eastern Time, hosted by Mark Hamill.

Shows aired during the block include The Super Hero Squad Show, G.I. Joe: Renegades, Transformers: Prime, Transformers: Animated, Batman Beyond, Superman: The Animated Series, G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 and Batman: The Animated Series.

Huboom! Saturdays and Huboom! NightsEdit

In the Summer of 2013, Huboom! was moved to Saturdays at 12:30pm Eastern time while an offshoot called Huboom! Nights began airing at 8pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays. Announcing duties were split between Townsend Coleman and Mark Hamill.

Shows aired during Huboom! Saturdays were the same as the previous weekday line-up, while shows aired during Huboom! Nights were pared down to Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond and Superman the Animated Series.

Although Transformers: Prime was not included in the Huboom! Nights line up, a special series of Ask Megatron commercials were issued to promote the block and aired as special features during advertisement breaks.


  • The fax machine has an Autobot sigil on his handset.

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