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Humanoid Cylon is a term that relates to the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica television franchise developed by Ronald D. Moore. They were presented as the primary protagonists of the 2003 miniseries and were prominently featured in the Battlestar Galactica regular series. The origins of these particular beings were chronicled in the prequel show, Caprica.

Description Edit

A humanoid Cylon is a cybernetic lifeform node, which evolved from the original robotic Cylon Centurions. These evolved beings are sentient creatures, capable of independent thought and action and are virtually indistinguishable from baseline humanity. Even advanced analysis proves difficult to divine a normal human being from a Cylon. Because they can be given any visual human form desired, humanoid Cylons make effective spies, and sometimes, even they are unaware that they are a Cylon. The greatest difference between the two, is that Cylons do not reproduce as humans do. Rather, they can replicate their chosen forms aboard large Resurrection ships.

There were thirteen humanoid Cylon models created, though only seven models proved to play roles of great significance to the Cylon cause. The remaining models, often referred to as "The Final Five", were sleeper agents placed in key positions in the Colonial Fleet.

Models Edit

Standard Models Edit

  • Armistice model
  • Caprica assault model
  • Baltar's hallucination
  • Caprica Six
  • Gina

The Final Five Edit

  • Ellen Tigh
  • Galen Tyrol
  • Samuel Anders
  • Saul Tigh
  • Tory Foster

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