Miss Doublefinger from One Piece.

  • Not to mention Boa Hancock, Nico Robin, and Nami, for starters, or for that matter pretty much every single female in the entire universe who is not horrendously obese. One would get the idea that this is one of the author's many fancies.
  • Winx Club the Web Comic is notorious for these. All females have impossible waists (yes, even the elderly), and in the case of those of the characters who are supposed to be young and attractive, one finds oneself wondering if their waists could even accommodate both the spine and a single pass of intestine, diaphragm and all those pesky not-liver organs be damned. the Cartoon Version The entire Winx Club... look at those girls! Is it even possible for waists that skinny to support their boobs and hips?! Supermodels clearly try to get figures like those girls.

Alternative Title(s): Hourglass Hottie                                                                                                                         Edit

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