Incredible Hulk
Incredible Hulk 2x05 021
Season Premiere September 22nd, 1978
Season Finale May 25th, 1979
Episode Count 23
Cast Bill Bixby; Jack Colvin; Lou Ferrigno

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Season 3

Season Two of The Incredible Hulk is the first full season of the series with a total of twenty-three episodes. The season aired on CBS from September 22nd, 1978 until May 25th, 1979. The three main cast members from season one, Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno and Jack Colvin, all returned for season two, reprising their respective roles as David Bruce Banner, The Hulk, and Jack McGee.

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Actor Role
Bill Bixby David Banner
Jack Colvin Jack McGee
Lou Ferrigno The Hulk

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  • Although credited in all twenty-three episodes of the season, actor Jack Colvin actually only appears in fourteen episodes. In some episodes, he makes a cameo appearance only.
  • Two story-arcs from this season were two-part episodes. The first is the season premiere, "Married", as well as "Mystery Man", which aired in March of 1979.

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