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Iris West
Flash 2014 1x01 008
Iris West
Series: The Flash
Gender: Female
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Reporter
Location: Central City
Relatives: Joe West [1]
Eddie Thawne [2]
Wally West [3]
Barry Allen [4]
Status: Alive
Actor: Candice Patton

Iris West is a fictional reporter, and one of the main characters seen on the live-action version of The Flash, which began airing on the CW Network in 2014. The role of Iris West was played by actress Candice Patton. She is the daughter of Central City detective Joe West, as well as the adoptive sister and potential love interest of Barry Allen, aka the Flash.

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  1. Father; alive.
  2. Former fiancé; deceased.
  3. Long-lost younger brother.
  4. Adoptive brother; Also known as the Flash.