J.T. Connors
Bionic Woman 1x06 011
J.T. Connors
Continuity: The Bionic Woman
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Location: California
Status: Alive
First: "The Deadly Missiles"
Actor: Forrest Tucker

J.T. Connors is a fictional industrialist and a minor character featured on The Bionic Woman television series. Played by actor Forrest Tucker, he appeared in the sixth episode from season one, "The Deadly Missiles".

Biography Edit

J.T. Connors was a Texas millionaire who set up a ranch in California. He was the owner of an aeronautics company that often sold contracts to the United States military. J.T. had a son, J.T. Connors, Jr., who served in the United States Air Force in Vietnam. Connors, Jr. was killed on an airfield, and his father blamed the "soft-heads" in Washington for his death. Ever since, he maintained a rigid right-wing conservative stance in terms of politics, and nursed a deep resentment for government bureaucracy.

J.T. hired an engineer named Warren Rayker to develop radar technology and missile defense systems for his company. Rayker used Connors' resources to secretly develop a device aimed at jamming the Air Force's radar, which he then took advantage of by blackmailing the military for fifteen million dollars under the threat of launching a missile at the Military Early Warning System (M.E.W.S.) Operations Center.

J.T.'s old friend, Jaime Sommers, investigated the matter at Connors' ranch. After determining that J.T. was innocent of any involvement in the debacle, she helped him stop Rayker and dismantle the jamming devive. [1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • J.T. Connors appeared to be in his late fifties or early sixties at the time of the missile crisis.
  • J.T. has a really mean right hook. He was able to knock down a security guard who was half his age with one solid punch to the jaw. It took the guard a few moments before he could get back up.

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