James Holder
Arrow 1x03 010
James Holder
Continuity: Arrow
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Business owner
Location: Starling City
Status: Deceased
Died: 2014
First: "Lone Gunmen"
Actor: Tobias Slezak

James Holder is a fictional businessman and a one-time character associated with the continuity of the DC Television Universe. He appeared on the CW Network television series Arrow where he was played by actor Tobias Slezak. He appeared in the third episode from season one, "Lone Gunmen".

Biography Edit

James Holder was an unscrupulous business owner who lived in Starling City in the early 2010s. He owned a company that manufactured smoke detectors. Holder installed defective smoke detectors in low-income housing projects in The Glades, which resulted in fires yielding multiple deaths.

Holder also had an interest in making a financial bid for a company called Unidac Industries. This conflicted with the interest of another corrupt businessman, Warren Patel. Patel hired an assassin named Deadshot to take him out.

Oliver Queen, in his guise as The Hood, apprehended James Holder, but Deadshot was able to put a bullet into him before Queen could take him into custody. The Starling City Police Department found him floating dead in his swimming pool.

Notes Edit

  • James Holder is exclusive to the continuity of the Arrow television series and does not have a mainstream DC Universe counterpart.
  • James Holder is one of the individuals named on Robert Queen's list that he gives to Oliver before dying.

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