Jeffrey Pierce
ENT 4x04 009
Jeffrey Pierce
Aliases: Ensign Jeffrey Pierce
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Military personnel
Location: Enterprise NX-01
Status: Alive
First: "Borderland"
Actor: Dave Power

Jeffrey Pierce was a minor character featured in the Star Trek television franchise. Played by actor Dave Power, he appeared in the fourth episode of Star Trek: Enterprise entitled "Borderland". That episode was the character's only canonical appearance.

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Jeffrey Pierce was a young officer in the United Earth Starfleet holding the rank of Ensign. He was stationed aboard the Enterprise NX-01 in the year 2154. During a mission through the Borderland, members of the Orion Syndicate abducted several crew members from the Enterprise including Ensign Pierce as well as Commander T'Pol. They were taken to a slavery processioning station on Verex III where they were to be auctioned off before an assemblage of eager buyers. As this was Pierce's first mission aboard the Enterprise, the experience proved extremely trying for him. He began to suffer a nervous breakdown inside the stockade until T'Pol volunteered to show him some Vulcan meditation techniques to reduce his anxiety.

A large, surly Orion put Ensign Pierce on the auction block, but had little faith that anyone would bid on him. He brusquely whispered in his ear that he would either be sold as a slave, or be sold as food. Fortunately for the terrified ensign, Captain Jonathan Archer infiltrated the melange of prospective slave owners incognito and placed a bid on Pierce, winning the young man his freedom. When the time was right, Archer disabled the neurolytic restraints that kept him bound to his captors and he was returned safely to the Enterprise (along with T'Pol). [1]

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