When Minx has a near-death experience, she decides to change her attitude and become kind and helpful much to the dismay of Riot and Rapture. She sets out to do all kinds of good deeds for Rio, Jerrica, Jem and the Holograms to make up for her past bad behavior. Unfortunately, the new Minx turns out to be much more trouble that the old Minx.



  • This episode marked Clash and Video's final onscreen appearence.
  • The Misfits and Eric Raymond make a minor appearance.
  • Outta My way was the first song the misfits sang (and which started the show), and the last misfit song sung

Outta My Way was first sang in The Beginning.

  • Rio is shown singing with the Holograms, but you don't hear a male voice at any point in the song.

At this time 4MB of memory for a synthesizer was considered alot.

This is the third time Jem disguises as Pizzazz, previous times were in the episodes "In Search Of The Stolen Album" and "The Jem Jam Part 1".

Riot thinks Minx is strong, arrogant and confident.

Minx thinks she can get any man. Rio is the only man Minx hasn't been able to hook.

Minx has been building synthesizers since she was 14 years old, she is better than Rio at synthesizers.

Minx has a car with the license plate that says "IWILBGD" as in "I will be good" maybe. It also says California which yet again confirms that these groups live in Los Angeles California.

Riot's grandfather was a welsh coalminer.

Apparently the kitchen of Starlight Mansion is on the first floor.

The code used to turn off the burglar alarm at Starlight Mansion is 1534 and on is 6717.

Characters: Jem/Jerrica and the Holograms, The Misfits, The Stingers, Rio, Eric, Lin-Z, Clash, Mrs. Bailey, Starlight Girls (Ashley, Ba Nee, Krissie, Deirdre, Terri, Marianne, Joellen, Nancy), Limp Lizards, Lena Learner, 5th Avenue Boys (Jay, Joe, Tom), Cindy Tucker.

Focus on: Minx, Rio, Jerrica.

Locations & vehicles: Electronic Trade Show, beach, Stingers' hangout, Starlight Music, Starlight Mansion, House of Glamour, concert stage.

Songs: "Outta My Way" The Misfits
"Are You Feeling Alright?" The Stingers
"Too Much" Jem and the Holograms

Part of songs: "Outta My Way" by The Misfits/The Stingers.

Instrumentals: "The Real Me" by Jem and the Holograms, "Top Of The Charts" by the Misfits, "Perfect Match" by the Stingers, "It Could Be You" by Jem and the Holograms, "Stinger's Theme" by the Stingers, "Destiny" by the Stingers, "Take It Or Leave It" by the Stingers, "Outta My Way" by the Misfits.

International: Italy: Aired on TV. The episode title was "Il Troppo Stroppia" (Too much is too much). France: Aired on TV. Released on DVD. The episode title was "Un probléme de coeur" (A Heart Problem). UK: Aired on TV.

Full Cast & CrewEdit

Directed by Edit

Ray Lee ... (supervising director)

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)Edit

Christy Marx ... (writer)

Cast (in credits order)Edit

[1] Samantha Newark ... Jerrica Benton / Jem (voice)
[2] Cathianne Blore ... Aja Leith / Kimber Benton / Ashley (voice)
[3] Cindy McGee ... Shana Elmsford / Chrissie / Lela (voice)
[4] Patricia Alice Albrecht ... Pizzazz / Phyllis Margaret Gabor / Anne (voice)
[5] Bobbie Block ... Roxy / Roxanne Pelligrini (voice)
[6] Susan Blu ... Lindsay Pierce / Stormer / Mary Phillips (voice)
[7] Michael Sheehan ... Rio Pacheco (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
[8] Ellen Bernfeld ... PizzazzSigning Voice
[9] Cathy Cavadini ... Clash (voice)
[10] Townsend Coleman ... Riot / Rory Llewellyn / Cisco (voice)
[11] Ellen Gerstell ... Rapture / Phoebe Ashe (voice)
[12] Britta Phillips ... Jem (singing voice)
[13] Kath Soucie ... Minx / Ingrid Kruger (voice)

Create a character page for: AshleyChrissieLelaPhyllis Margaret GaborAnneRoxyRoxanne PelligriniClashRiotRory LlewellynCiscoRapturePhoebe AsheMinxIngrid KruegerCreate »?====Produced by ====

Joe Bacal ... executive producer
Tom Griffin ... executive producer
       Margaret Loesch   ... executive producer
Will Meugniot ... producer
Marija Miletic Dail ... producer
Roger Slifer ... co-producer
Dan Thompson ... producer
Gwen Wetzler ... supervising producer

Music by Edit

Robert J. Walsh

Film Editing by Edit

Al Breitenbach

Production Management Edit

Eric Early ... post-production supervisor
Jim Graziano ... director of production
Beth Gunn ... production manager (as Beth Gunn-Osborn)
Lee Gunther ... executive in charge of production
Carole Weitzman ... senior production manager

Art Department There's Too Many Involved So I'LL The Biggest 1

Boyd Kirkland Who's 1 of the storyboard directors

Sound Department Edit

Nancie Pollitt ... dialogue recording engineer

Animation Department Edit

Del Barras ... model designer (as Dell Barras)
Rudy Cataldi ... sequence director
Jan Helsel ... layout artist
Bob Kirk ... sequence director
John Koch ... model designer
Paula Lafond ... model designer
Lonnie Lloyd ... layout artist (as Lonnie Lloyd Thompson)
Steve Lubin ... model designer (as Stephen Lubin)
Barbara Ann Nelson ... layout artist
Margaret Nichols ... sequence director
Karen Peterson ... sequence director
Stan Phillips ... sequence director
Carol Kieffer Police ... layout artist (as Carol Police)
Tom Ray ... sequence director
Linda Rowley ... model designer (as Linda Rowley Blue)
Robert Schaefer ... background designer (as Bob Schaffer)
Robert Shellhorn ... sequence director
Ivaylo Vaklinov ... model designer
Dennis Venizelos ... background designer

Editorial Department Edit

Sarah Swiskow ... telecine supervisor
Trent Johnson ... telecine colorist (uncredited)

Music Department Edit

Anne Bryant ... music arranger
Robert J. Walsh ... conductor

Other crew Edit

Maddy Aaronson ... talent coordinator
Jay Bacal ... creative director
Wally Burr ... voice director
Stephanie Graziano ... production coordinator (as Stephanie Burt)
Christy Marx ... story editor
Gemma Maver ... production associate
Will Meugniot ... main title creator
David Perry ... production assistant
Roger Slifer ... story editor

Quotes Edit

No, I've changed, I've really changed! I'll be good and honest and helpful and--"
"Too much sun and sea. She'll be back to herself by tomorrow."
--Minx and Riot, A Change of Heart

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