Ellen Bernfeld as the singing voice of Pizzazz 



Ellen Bernfeld Had 30 ,40 OR 50 Jem Songs But Made in the Legendary Bouncers Hall Of Fame For Misfit Songs Like Makin' Mischief Queen Of Rock and Roll Free and Easy Gimme Gimme Gimme and Roxy's I'm Gonna Change Also For Tsunami and Cover Of Menage's Memory Wind Beneath My Wings At This MomentShe Even Did a Holiday Song Called Christmas Time Is Merry

Pages in category "Songs by The Misfits" History Of Ellen's Work on Jem that Made Her A Legend and Bouncing Queen Ones By Herself Ones With other Jem Legends Like Britta Phillips With the Jem Theme/Bad Influence/Click Clash/It's Workin' Out / It's Doin' Me In Also Now and Farwell with Phillips Stingers Legend Gordon Grody Edit


Outta My Way[5]Congratulations[6]Gimme! Gimme! Gimme![7]Star Spangled Fantasy[8]Universal Appeal[9]I Am A Giant[10]Who Is She, Anyway?[11]We're the Misfits In Hawaii[12]Abracadabra[13]Ahead of the Game[14]Designing Woman[15]Don't Look Now[16]Free and Easy[17]Gimme A Gimmick[18]How Does It Feel? <u>[19]</u><u>I'm Gonna Hunt You Down</u>======

[20]I Like Your Style[21]I Love A Scandal[22]It Takes Alot (To Survive)[23]Jack, Take A Hike[24]Let's Blow This Town[25]Listen Up[26]Lovesick[27]Makin' Mischief[28]Queen Of Rock And Roll[29]Takin' It All[30]There Ain't Nobody Better[31]Top of the Charts[32]Trapped[33]We're Off and Runnin[34]Welcome To The Jungle[35]Winning Is Everything[36]You Can't Catch Me[37][38]You Gotta Be Fast[39][40]You Oughta See The View From Here[41]Bad Influence[42]Click Clash[43]I'm Gonna Change[44]It's Workin' Out / It's Doin' Me In[45]Jem Theme[46]Now[47][48]This Is Farewell [49]








<u>Tidal Wave (Tsunami)</u>

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PC 34457 <u> </u> <u>Maynard Ferguson</u> <u>Conquistador (Album)16 versions</u> <u>Columbia</u> PC 34457 US 1977 <u>Sell This Version </u> 16 versions
7E-1118 <u> </u> <u>Steve Goodman</u> <u>Say It In Private ‎(LP, Album)</u> <u>Asylum Records</u> 7E-1118 US 1977 <u>Sell This Version </u>
A.P.A.-77003, A.P.A. 77003 <u> </u> <u>Celi Bee</u> <u>Fly Me On The Wings Of Love (Album)13 versions</u> <u>APA, APA</u> A.P.A.-77003, A.P.A. 77003 US 1978 <u>Sell This Version </u> 13 versions
MNLP 8009 <u> </u> <u>Meco*</u> <u>The Wizard Of Oz (Album)6 versions</u> <u>Millennium</u> MNLP 8009 Canada 1978 <u>Sell This Version </u> 6 versions
A4S 466, ASD 462, ASD 463, ASD 464, ASD 465 <u> </u> <u>Silver Blue (2)</u> <u>Silver Blue ‎(4x12", Album, Promo + Box)</u> <u>Epic, Epic, Epic, Epic, Epic</u> A4S 466, ASD 462, ASD 463, ASD 464, ASD 465 US 1978 <u>Sell This Version </u>
BL 03274 <u> </u> <u>Galt MacDermot</u> Somebody To Love <u>Galt MacDermot - Hair (Original Soundtrack Recording) (Album)6 versions</u> <u>RCA, RCA Victor</u> BL 03274 Switzerland 1979 <u>Sell This Version </u> 6 versions
NBLP 7136 <u> </u> <u>Meco*</u> <u>Superman And Other Galactic Heroes (Album)7 versions</u> <u>Casablanca Records</u> NBLP 7136 US 1979 <u>Sell This Version </u> 7 versions
JC 35632 <u> </u> <u>Marlena Shaw</u> <u>Take A Bite (Album)6 versions</u> <u>Columbia</u> JC 35632 US 1979 <u>Sell This Version </u> 6 versions
BSK 3431 <u> </u> <u>Hilly Michaels</u> <u>Calling All Girls (Album)2 versions</u> <u>Warner Bros. Records</u> BSK 3431 US 1980 <u>Sell This Version </u> 2 versions
1C 064 24 0352 1, 064 24 0352 1, 24 0352 1, 1C 064-24 0352 1 <u> </u> <u>Talking Heads</u> Perfect World and [[|<u>1 more…]] Talking Heads - Little Creatures (Album)45 versions</u> <u>EMI, EMI, EMI, EMI</u> 1C 064 24 0352 1, 064 24 0352 1, 24 0352 1, 1C 064-24 0352 1 Europe 1985 <u>Sell This Version </u> 45 versions
PRO-7134 <u> </u> <u>Menage (2)</u> At This Moment <u>Menage (2) - At This Moment3 versions</u> <u>Profile Records</u> PRO-7134 US 1987 <u>Sell This Version </u> 3 versions
780593 1 <u> </u> <u>Talkingheads*</u> Road To Nowhere <u>Talkingheads* - The Best Of - Once In A Lifetime (Comp)7 versions</u> <u>EMI, EMI</u> 780593 1 Brazil 1992 <u>Sell This Version </u> 7 versions
CDEQ 5010, 0777 7 80466 2 2 <u> </u> <u>Talkingheads*</u> Road To Nowhere <u>Talkingheads* - Sand In The Vaseline - Popular Favourites 1976-1992 (Comp)8 versions</u> <u>EMI, EMI</u> CDEQ 5010, 0777 7 80466 2 2 UK 1992 <u>Sell This Version </u> 8 versions
314 553 255-2 <u> </u> <u>Meco*</u> Themes From The Wizard Of Oz (as Ellen Bernfield) and [[|<u>1 more…]] Meco* - The Best Of Meco ‎(CD, Comp)</u> <u>Mercury</u> 314 553 255-2 US 1997 <u>Sell This Version </u>
R2 73934, 5953970 <u> </u> <u>Talking Heads</u> Road To Nowhere and [[|<u>4 more…]] Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime ‎(3xCD, Comp, RM + DVD, PAL, Comp, RM + Box)</u> <u>EMI, EMI</u> R2 73934, 5953970 Europe 2003 <u>Sell This Version </u>
8122 76488-2 <u> </u> <u>Talking Heads</u> Road To Nowhere and [[|<u>1 more…]] Talking Heads - The Best Of Talking Heads ‎(CD, Comp)</u> <u>Sire, Warner Bros. Records, Rhino Records (2), Warner Strategic Marketing</u> 8122 76488-2 Europe 2004 <u>Sell This Version </u>

Writing & ArrangementEdit

6.28610 <u> </u> <u>Various</u> Tidal Wave (Tsunami) (as Bernfeld) <u>Various - Super Maxi 5 ‎(2xLP, Comp, Mixed, Blu)</u> <u>TELDEC</u> 6.28610 Germany 1984 <u>Sell This Version </u>

Featuring & PresentingEdit

404.7116 <u> </u> <u>Various</u> Themes From The Wizard Of Oz (as Ellen Bernfield) <u>Various - Pecado Rasgado (Trilha Internacional Da Novela) ‎(LP, Comp)</u> <u>Som Livre</u> 404.7116 Brazil 1978 <u>Sell This Version </u>


6.14171 <u> </u> <u>Ellen Bernfeld</u> <u>Tidal Wave (Tsunami) (Single, Maxi)2 versions</u> <u>Zip</u> 6.14171 Germany 1984 <u>Sell This Version </u> 2 versions

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