Jem the Cartoon{| background="staryell.gif" width="100%" | |Originally, Jem was broadcast in 6-7 minute segments, on a program called Super Saturday & Super Sunday (I'm guessing they would air the same show both days), alongside "Bigfoot & The Muscle Machines", "Robotix", and Inhumanoids".  Here are the titles for those segments:
3: FIRE!
These clips were later compiled into Truly Outrageous! (The Jem movie, approx 90 minutes), as well as being spliced together into episodes for five regular 22 minute cartoons.  There were some different music cues and a few new scenes added to the clips to get to the correct running time for each episode, as well some animation (videos particularly) was recut a little.  Aside from the title cards not being shown, I'm not certain if there are any differences between the 7 minute clips and what became the Truly Outrageous movie.

Please note: the following episode descriptions contain spoilers, so read at your own risk! |- | | The Beginning Shows the early beginnings of Jem and the Holograms.  After the death of their father, Kimber and Jerrica are having problems looking after their house for foster girls as well as managing Starlight Music.  Then they are introduced to Synergy, a holographic computer created by their late father, who is able to create "Jem," an alter ego for Jerrica to front a rock and roll band.  At Starlight Music, Jerrica discovers her father's protégé, Eric Raymond has pretty much taken over and plans to market a bad-girl group called The Misfits. Originally aired 06-Oct-1985 "The Beginning" Character Wardrobe |- | | Disaster (aka "Set Backs") After a fire claims the old Starlight House for Foster girls, Jerrica and company ask millionaire Howard Sands if they can use his mansion (a prize in the battle of the bands contest) while they look for new lodgings.  Eric then hires Zipper to place a bomb in the building while the Misfits con their way onto the grounds. Later Jem and friends are invited on a luxury cruise by the Countess Du Voisin, which gets crashed by the Misfits, again nearly causing mass loss of life by their taking over of the boats controls. Originally aired 27-Oct-1985 "Disaster" Character Wardrobe |- | | Kimber's Rebellion: Kimber beings to feel envious of her sister's fame while they are shooting a video in Paris.  When Lin-Z asks for an interview with just Jem, Kimber quits the band and vows to go solo.  Eric tries to prey on this weakness. Originally aired 17-Nov-1985 "Kimber's Rebellion" Character Wardrobe |- | | Frame Up: The Misfits and Jem are on a double bill in Las Vegas for a benefit concert.  In an attempt to get rid of Jem in order to be the main act, Eric and the Misfits frame Jem for stealing the charity's money. Originally aired 08-Dec-1985 "Frame Up" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Battle of the Bands: The day has finally come for the Battle of the Bands.  Eric kidnaps Ashley and forces the girls to miss the concert "or little Ashley pays the price." Originally aired 29-Dec-1985 The Battle of the Bands Character Wardrobe |- | | Starbright Part 1: Falling Star: Jem and the Holograms begin production on the movie contract they won through the Battle of the Bands contest.  The set is of course plagued by the presence of the Misfits who have bought the rights to the movie through Pizzazz's rich father. Originally aired 05-Jul-1986 "Falling Star" Character Wardrobe |- | | Starbright Part 2: Colliding Stars: Still under the Misfits' control (with Eric Raymond acting as director) Jem and the Holograms have taken about all they can of their abuse.  Unfortunately, Banee, one of the Starlight foster girls is losing her sight and needs $250,000 for an operation to save her sight which forces the girls to either put up with it or Banee will never see again.  Kimber begins her romance with Jeff Wright, the stuntman, after being spurned by the male star of the film. Originally aired 12-Jul-1986 "Colliding Stars" Character Wardrobe |- | | Starbright Part 3: Rising Star: Jem and the rest of the crew on the "Misfits" movie leave to join up with Jem on her charity project movie, "Starbright" in order to raise money for Banee's eye operation. Originally aired 19-Jul-1986 Rising Star Character Wardrobe |- | | The World Hunger Shindig: In the style of "Live-Aid" and such concerts, Jem and the Holograms travel to Texas to raise money for starving people in Africa. Kimber begins her romance with Shawn Harrison. Originally aired 26-Jul-1986 "The World Hunger Shindig" Character Wardrobe |- | | Adventure in China: Roxy steals Jerrica's Jemstar earrings while the two bands are in China for a concert tour.  The Misfits realize the earrings importance (only vaguely, they never bother trying to steal them again!) and have several counterfeits made in order to confuse the Holograms' search efforts. Originally aired 23-Aug-1986 "Adventure in China" Character Wardrobe |- | | Last Resorts; Eric sabotages a ski resort where Jem and the Holograms happen to be vacationing.  The girls realize that Eric's motive is to get the owner to sell, so they offer to play a benefit performance to save the ski resort. Originally aired 30-Aug-1986 Last Resorts Character Wardrobe |- | | In Stitches: Shana and the Misfits' hotshot designer are chosen to represent America in a world rock fashion contest held in Venice.  The Misfits repeatedly steal Shana's work and attempt to undermine her confidence as a designer. Originally aired 06-Sep-1986 "In Stitches" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Music Awards Pt. 1; Jem must chose between playing the Music Awards (i.e.; The Grammys) or a benefit for a house for runaways.  Danse & Techrat are introduced.  Krissie, Banee and Deidre run away. Originally aired 13-Sep-1986 "The Music Awards Pt. 1" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Music Awards Pt. 2 Jerrica is in trouble as Pizzazz informs a child service agency that three of the Starlight girls have run away.  Jem and the Holograms chose to play for the benefit for runaways, while the Misfits will win by default at the awards ceremony. Originally aired 20-Sep-1986 "The Music Awards Pt. 2" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Rock Fashion Book Jem and the Holograms make a Rock Fashion book, spurring the Misfits to compete with their own book.  When the Misfits' book fails, they buy out the rights to Jem's book and try to sabotage the project. Originally aired 27-Sep-1986  "The Rock Fashion Book" Character Wardrobe |- | | Broadway Magic: The Misfits and Jem compete for roles in a Broadway musical.  While the bands are in New York, Eric offers $100,000 to anyone who can tell him who Jem really is.  Originally aired 04-Oct-1986 "Broadway Magic" Character Wardrobe |- | | In Search of the Stolen Album: The Misfits get their hands on a Holograms demo tape and record their own vocals over the track.  (This episode is interesting, as both groups sing to the same song in their own styles).  The Misfits set up a treasure hunt for the Holograms to find their tape before they release it as their own song. Originally aired 11-Oct-1986 In Search of the Stolen Album Character Wardrobe |- | | Hot Time in Hawaii: The Misfits and Jem and the Holograms are invited to participate in a "music stars"-type Olympics in Hawaii.  The Misfits hone the "fine art of cheating" thanks to Zipper, while the Holograms practise, practise, practise. Originally aired 18-Oct-1986 "Hot Time in Hawaii" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Princess and the Singer: Jem and the Holograms are flown to "Morvania", a country under the reign of a young princess Adriana, who happens to be the splitting image of Kimber.  When Adriana's cousin attempts to take over the monarchy and holds Kimber as ransom, the Misfits are all-too-willing to help her. Originally aired 01-Nov-1986 The Princess and the Singer Character Wardrobe |- | | Island of Deception: During a cruise, the Misfits and Holograms are accidentally pitched overboard in the South Seas.  They end up on a deserted tropical island where they must learn to survive together. Originally aired 08-Nov-1986 "Island of Deception" Character Wardrobe |- | width="153"| | Old Meets New: Jem and the Holograms record a cover of an old '50's rock song written by Bobby Bailey, one of the pioneers of rock.  They start out disliking each other but soon realize they have much in common, especially when Eric Raymond and co. try to tear down the historic building where Bailey and his group recorded his ground breaking "rock n' roll" music so long ago. Originally aired 15-Nov-1986 "Old Meets New" Character Wardrobe |- | | Intrigue at the Indy 500: Starlight Music sponsors a car in the Indy-500.  Eric gets himself involved in some mafia-tinged gambling on the race and sabotages the car, injuring the driver. So Jem decides she will be the driver in the Indy 500. Pizzazz can't have this and joins in the race herself. Originally aired 01-Feb-1987 "Intrigue at the Indy 500" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Jem Jam Part 1: Jem gets a bunch of 80's celebrities together to jam with her, though the episodes focus mainly on the Starlight Girls, in particular Banee, who believes that Johnny Deacon (aka Bruce Springsteen)'s drummer is her long lost father. Originally aired 08-Feb-1987 "The Jem Jam, Part 1" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Jem Jam Part 2: The Misfits won't be upstaged and get Tech-Rat to create a "gimmick" (i.e., a UFO type stage) to show off during the Jem Jam.  Also, Krissie must learn to cope with Lina Lerner's (Tina Turner's) son's arrogance. Originally aired 15-Feb-1987 "The Jem Jam, Part 2" Character Wardrobe |- | | Culture Clash: Video and Anthony Julian recommend a video artist named Fitzgerald Beck to direct the next Jem and the Holograms video.  The artist is subsequently framed for diamond smuggling when his sculptures explode the evidence on-stage. Originally aired 22-Feb-1987 "Culture Clash" Character Wardrobe |- | | Glitter And Gold: Jem and the Holograms' popularity is waning, so they reinvent themselves with a "Glitter N' Gold" look.  Soon they are in a competition with the Misfits to be the first to sell 500,000 records in order to win the "Glitter N' Gold Roadster." Originally aired 15-Mar-1987 "Glitter and Gold" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Talent Search Part 1: Shana gets once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for a famous television actress as her personal designer.  Since there is no way she can take the job and play for the Holograms, a new drummer must be found to replace her.  As well, the Misfits get their own new member, Jetta.  Raya and Craig are introduced in this episode. Originally aired 21-Sep-1987 "The Talent Search Part One" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Talent Search Part 2: Shana begins to realize how crappy her new job is and wants back into the Holograms.  But it's already been narrowed down to Raya and Craig, who also happens to be Stormer's brother, as well as dating Aja! Originally aired 22-Sep-1987 "The Talent Search Part Two" Character Wardrobe |- | | Scandal: The Misfits get their hands on Kimber's diary, and try to destroy her with bad publicity. Originally aired 23-Sep-1987 "Scandal" Character Wardrobe |- | | One Jem Too Many: Clash poses as Jem at public appearances, acting extremely rude and hostile, giving the press a heyday. Originally aired 24-Sep-1987 "One Jem Too Many" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Bands Break Up: Kimber and Stormer are both coincidentally fed up with their respective bands one night and end up in the same bar together where they are called on stage to play.  When they find they play well together, they form their own band away from both the Holograms and the Misfits, who can't perform without their respective main songwriters and are dealing with the friendship none-too-lightly. Originally aired 28-Sep-1987 "The Bands Break Up" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Fan: An extremely wealthy fan of Jem's hires the Misfits to find out Jem's true identity.  The plan involves creating an entire scale set of the Starlight mansion, as well as actors to portray all of Jem's friends.  Jem fears she is losing her mind, the last straw is when Jerrica walks in the room... Originally aired 29-Sep-1987 "The Fan" Character Wardrobe |- | | Father's Day: Kimber begins to realize how much she misses her late father and starts to get angry at her band members when they ask her to write music for Video's Father's Day video. They take her to a retreat for a day of horseback riding to inspire her, where she is injured and helped by Pizzazz's father, Harvey Gabor. Meanwhile the Misfits are "enjoying" small town life in Clash's hometown of  Mulberry. Originally aired 01-Oct-1987 "Father's Day" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Treasure Hunt: Jem and her foster girls compete with Pizzazz and some street children in a literary-themed treasure hunt. Originally aired 05-Oct-1987 "The Treasure Hunt" Character Wardrobe |- | | Aztec Enchantment: Jem and the Holograms want to be the first to film a video at an ancient Aztec archaeological site, which irks the archaeologist working their who claims the publicity will cause the site to become a tourist attraction. They also meet Paco, a Mexican boy who longs to come to America with them. Originally aired 07-Oct-1987 "Aztec Enchantment" Character Wardrobe |- | | Music is Magic: Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits are chosen to play at a Magic show (the first of 2 times this has happened).  One by one members of the bands mysteriously disappear, causing the Misfits and Holograms as well as the magicians to have to work together to find out what is going on. Originally aired 14-Oct-1987 "Music is Magic" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Jazz Player: Jem and the Holograms attempt to get an old swing group, "The Taps Tucker" band back together for a record deal. Originally aired 15-Oct-1987 "The Jazz Player" Character Wardrobe |- | | Danse Time: Jem and the Misfits compete to make a video that expresses good will and other sugary sentiments. In the process, Danse breaks her leg and must go through rigorous physical therapy in order to dance again. Originally aired 19-Oct-1987 "Danse Time" Character Wardrobe |- | | Roxy Rumbles: Roxy quits the Misfits because they tease her about her about being illiterate.  She stumbles upon a million-dollar lottery ticket, and heads back home to Philadelphia to show off to everyone that she "made it".  She puts on a street festival that runs amok and takes away the publicity from Jem's Rock out Illiteracy concert.  Originally aired 20-Oct-1987 "Roxy Rumbles" Character Wardrobe |- | | Alone Again; A new foster girl is brought to Starlight House.  She is very talented at guitar and Jem and the Holograms try to bring her out of her shell by offering her the chance to play live with them.  Laura is stressed by this and turns to pills given to her by a pusher at school.  Basically your "say no to drugs" cartoon. Originally aired 23-Oct-1987 "Alone Again" Character Wardrobe |- | | KJem: An old friend of Kimber's asks her for help to get the radio station where he works back on the air.  The Holograms agree of course and the station decides to call itself KJEM in their honour.  Eric, who has a conflicting business deal gets the Misfits to pirate a radio broadcast over KJEM's. Originally aired 29-Oct-1987 "KJem" Character Wardrobe |- | | Trick or Techrat: An old theatre downtown is facing the wrecking ball, thanks to Eric.  Jem and friends of course offer to play a benefit concert to help raise money to save the theatre.  Eric realizes that the owner won't leave and hires Tech Rat to make it appear to be haunted. Originally aired 30-Oct-1987 "Trick or Techrat" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Presidential Dilemma: A wanted criminal is gathering up all of America's treasures (Lincoln's cane, etc.), the top of his list being the President of the United States himself.  Jem, who happens to be in the nation's capitol for a performance has to come to his rescue. Originally aired 02-Nov-1987 "The Presidential Dilemma" Character Wardrobe |- | | Rock N' Roll Express: Jem and the Holograms do a concert all across America, via the railroad and manage to foil a train robber in the process. Originally aired 03-Nov-1987 "Rock N' Roll Express" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Mardi Gras; Jem and the Holograms are chosen to wear some special jewellery at a Mardi Gras parade.  Of course the Misfits want in.  Shana is of special interest here because of her more than passing resemblance to a long-dead famous pirate's (Jean Lafitte) forbidden love. Originally aired 04-Nov-1987 "The Mardi Gras" Character Wardrobe |- | | The Middle of Nowhere: An Inuit friend of Banee's invites the group to Alaska to stay for a few days.  Eric wants to buy the family's land to build a record making facility, depriving sea lions of their mating grounds. Originally aired 05-Nov-1987 "The Middle of Nowhere" Character Wardrobe |- | | Renaissance Woman: Another of the less believable Jem episodes, the girls go to a Renaissance fair (I assume?) where they basically play out a Robin Hood story, Danse playing the part of Maid Marion and Robin Goodfellow playing the part of Robin Hood. Originally aired 16-Nov-1987 "Renaissance Woman" Character Wardrobe |- | | Journey to Shangri-La; On a trip in Tibet, Roxy and Pizzazz get very sick from some poisoned thorns (after helping a local girl out of them!) and Jem and the Holograms must find the mythical "Shangri-La" in order to get the antidote for their sickness.  Meanwhile, a Yeti lurks around in the background as if it's totally normal somehow.  And seems to develop some sort of attraction to Pizzazz... Originally aired 24-Nov-1987 "Journey To Shangri-La" Character Wardrobe |- | | Journey Through Time: This is probably the most unbelievable Jem episode, where Techrat invents a time machine that sends the Holograms back in time.  They manage to meet Mozart, Glenn Miller, and Jimi Hendrix in their travels. Originally aired 24-Nov-1987 "Journey Through Time" Character Wardrobe |- | | Britrock; The two bands are in England for various reasons.  The Holograms meet a friend of Craig's who is next in line for a royal title.  By sheer coincidence, Jetta is trying to convince Pizzazz to buy up all of the estate before Craig's friend can claim the inheritance. Originally aired 07-Jan-1988 Britrock Character Wardrobe |- | | Out of the Past: The discovery of their father's diary leads Kimber and Jerrica to decide to put out a retrospective of their mother's music.  Eric has the master tapes though, and demands $1M ransom for them. Originally aired 08-Jan-1988 Out of the Past Character Wardrobe |- | | Hollywood Jem Part 1: "For Your Consideration..." Jem is nominated for an Oscar, and one of her running mates slags her in the press for not being a trained actress.  Kimber becomes heavily involved with both Sean Harrison and her old boyfriend Jeff the stuntman. Originally aired 11-Jan-1988 Hollywood Jem Part 1 Character Wardrobe |- | | Hollywood Jem Part 2: "And the Winner Is..." Jeff has proposed to Kimber and she accepts.  But then Sean proposes (via Rio) and she calls off the wedding.  Jem attends the Oscars. Originally aired 12-Jan-1988 Hollywood Jem Part 2 Character Wardrobe |- | | The Stingers Hit Town Part 1: A new band, the Stingers, is introduced.  They are wildly popular in Europe and are looking for an American record deal.  Eric and Jerrica both go to their performance and offer them contracts on the spot, due mostly to Riot's mysterious magnetism.  The Stingers exploit both of their hosts to see who will give them the best deal. Originally aired 02-Feb-1988 Stingers Hit Town Part 1 Character Wardrobe |- | | The Stingers Hit Town Part 2: The Stingers have decided to stay at Starlight House when Riot finds out Jem (who he is now enamoured with) also lives there.  So the love triangle (Rio, Jem, Jerrica) gets a new member, Riot. Originally aired 03-Feb-1988 Stingers Hit Town Part 2 Character Wardrobe |- | | Video Wars Video must create a new video for Jem and the Holograms.  Her cousin, Clash, infiltrates the gang while disguised as a film student and films Jem and co. at their worst moments in order to try to make a terrible video to be shown in the place of Video's video live on Lin-Z's television premiere. Originally aired 04-Feb-1988 Video Wars Character Wardrobe |- | | Beauty and the Rock Promoter: Jem stars as Beauty in a new wave version of Beauty and the Beast.  She gets really into the role and nearly has a breakdown because of it.  Rio becomes jealous of "The Beast."  The Misfits are the understudies and try to wreck the production to be the stars. Originally aired 05-Feb-1988 Beauty and the Rock Promoter Character Wardrobe |- | | Homeland, Heartland: Danse goes back to Czechoslovakia to try to find her mother.  In the process she meets another dancer whom she falls in love with.  (this is guy #3 for her!) Originally aired 08-Feb-1988 Homeland, Heartland Character Wardrobe |- | | Midsummer Night's Madness While on tour in Greece, Jerrica gets fed up with Rio and creates a new personality for herself.  Rapture attempts to bilk the townspeople out of their money by posing as an oracle. This episode has love triangles all over the place! Originally aired 09-Feb-1988 Midsummer Night's Madness Character Wardrobe |- | | The Day the Music Died Jerrica agrees to "get away from it all" at the spur of the moment with Riot after a particularly stressful day.  They subsequently get stranded on a tropical island together.  In Jerrica's absence, Pizzazz and co. take over both the Holograms and the Stingers to create a supergroup Misfits.  This is a particularly interesting episode as it's the only one narrated by characters in the story as it goes along. Originally aired 11-Feb-1988 The Day the Music Died Character Wardrobe |- | | That Old Houdini Magic Jem and the Holograms and the Stingers play at a Magic themed benefit.  Rapture manages to convince the main benefactor that she is the incarnation of Houdini, and Astral (new character) must debunk her. Originally aired 15-Feb-1988 That Old Houdini Magic Character Wardrobe |- | | Straight from the Heart [aka Your 15 Minutes Are Up]: Introduces a new character, Regine Césaire, a young fashion designer employed by Countess Du Voisin. The Holograms aren't very thrilled at first with her designs so she leaves them for the glitz of the Stingers. Originally aired 17-Feb-1988 Straight From the Heart Character Wardrobe |- | | A Change of Heart  Minx has a change of heart when Rio saves her life, promising to be good and helpful instead of self centred. Originally aired 18-Feb-1988 Change of Heart Character Wardrobe |- | | Riot's Hope A flashback episode of sorts, Jem tries to get Riot back together with his estranged father for the sake of his mother's life.  We are shown Riot's past and the formation of the Stingers in this episode. Originally aired 22-Feb-1988 Riot's Hope Character Wardrobe |- | | A Father Should Be... The last Jem episode!  Banee becomes more and more obsessed with finding her father, so Jerrica and the Holograms seriously start looking for him.  They have a breakthrough because Riot's father was in the army and has access to military files (They knew Banee's father was in Vietnam).  They narrow it down to two men fitting the description, one of whom has amnesia and the other a jerk. Originally aired 02-May-1988 A Father Should Be... Character Wardrobe |}



This is the very last shot from the Jem television series, Jem waving "farewell, but not forever."  Though not really an "ending" episode per sé, (there are some loose ends despite the Misfits-Holograms truce) Christy Marx, the head writer for the show and of this episode, knew that this was the end and did write a conclusion of sorts.
Jem CharactersListed A-Z, mostly going by first names (Aja would be in A, not L for Leith).  It is not complete yet.  Please note: the following links contain spoilers, so read at your own risk!

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More interesting cartoon links (the following links will take you off my site) Jem on This has a lot of the information I used for this site (previously published on TVtome) Jem Changes; A listing of the differences between the 7 minute clips, the first five episodes and the Truly Outrageous! movie. Guardians of Good; Jem and the Holograms cel collection. Jem Voice Actors: a small section of the Truly Outrageous Jem Mailing List Archives site.[1]

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