My 2nd Favorite Voice thanks to Her Legendary Scooby Doo Hexgirl singing Guest Staring on Charmed Voice in Shows like Spiderman,and Totally Spies Which She's Also Legendary For and Being 1 of the Cinderellas in Cartoons 

Jennifer Hale – Charmed When I see Her or Hear Her I Always Think Of Thorn's I'm Hexgirl or Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air or Sam Totally Spies It's Spy Time Or Felicia Blackcat From Spiderman Cats Always Land on their Feet


Notable Roles: Female Commander Shepard (Mass Effect), Naomi Hunter (Metal Gear Solid), Black Cat (Spider Man TV Series), Sam (Totally Spies), Trishka Novak (Bulletstorm).

If you thought Troy Baker was busy, then you just have to look at Jennifer Hale’s credits and wonder when she has time to do all of that horse riding and rock climbing she keeps tweeting photos of. The female Troy Baker (or is he the male Jennifer Hale?), Hale has played either a leading role or a background character in almost every video game and animated TV action series for well over a decade now.  She has one of the most distinctive voices around, going from authoritative and kick ass or soft and friendly without missing a beat.

Aside from some TV movies from her early career in the late 80’s, Jennifer Hale has primarily stuck to what she is awesome at: voice acting. Although she did re-emerge in 1999 in a second season episode of the fantasy TV series Charmed, titled Morality Bites. Hale’s part was small, playing a concerned child minder for Piper, played by Holly Marie Combs. Hale popped up on screen and then, as if by magic, she was gone again, presumably off to save the universe from Reapers, or something.

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