True Blood 1x02 026

Jerk at bar is a general term that could refer to anyone who patrons a restaurant/bar lounge and acts like, well... a jerk. Actor Hallock W. Beals was credited as "jerk at bar" in "The First Taste" episode of the HBO supernatural drama series True Blood. In the episode, the jerk sat a booth in the bar and began ogling waitress Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie was telepathic and could hear him thinking about her breasts and about how wished to feed off of them. As the disgusted Sookie turned away, the jerk made a grab at her buttocks. Sookie's friend, René Lenier interceded on Sookie's behalf, twisting the guy's arm, and pinning his face to the table until he promised to behave. Afterward, Rene suggested that he might want to find a different place to eat. (True Blood: The First Taste)

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