John Blackwell
Secret Circle 1x15 001
John Blackwell
Series: The Secret Circle
Gender: Male
Notability: Antagonist
Race: Warlock
Location: Chance Harbor, Washington [1]
Relatives: Amelia Blake
Cassie Blake
Jane Blake
Diana Meade
Status: Deceased
Died: 2012
First: "Witness" [2]
"Return" [3]
Actor: Joe Lando

John Blackwell is a fictional warlock and a recurring character on the CW Network television series The Secret Circle. The character was first introduced in a flashback scene in episode 1x12, "Witness", but the character was cloaked throughout the scenes and the actor standing in for him was uncredited. Blackwell made his first official appearance in episode 1x15, "Return", where he was played by actor Joe Lando. The character made nine appearances in the series in total, eight with Lando portraying John Blackwell.

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  1. It is unclear if John was born in Chance Harbor, of if he just resided there for some time.
  2. In flashback; uncredited actor appearance.
  3. First full appearance with Joe Lando.