Jonas Grumby
The Skipper
Aliases: Skipper
Series: Gilligan's Island
Gilligan's Planet
Gender: Male
Notability: Main character
Location: S.S. Minnow
Deserted island
Status: Alive
Actor: Alan Hale, Jr.

Jonas Grumby, better known as "The Skipper", is a fictional sailor and a main character featured on the 1964-1967 CBS comedy series Gilligan's Island. Played by actor Alan Hale, Jr., he appeared in all ninety-eight episodes of the series, as well as three made-for-TV spin-off films. Hale reprised the role of Gilligan as a voice actor for the 1982 animated television series Gilligan's Planet.

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Jonas Grumby was the captain of a charter boat called the S.S. Minnow, though he was always referred to be the title/nickname "Skipper". Based out of Honolulu, the Skipper and his first mate, Gilligan, would give out boat tours to visitors. One particular group consisted of five passengers including: Mister Thurston Howell, III, his wife Lovey Howell, Professor Roy Hinkley, Jr., Ginger Grant and Mary Ann Summers. The Skipper took them out on the Minnow for a projected three-hour tour. The boat was caught up in a massive tropical storm and blown miles off-course, ultimately getting shipwrecked on an uncharted deserted island. The Skipper and the others spent the next fifteen years trying to divine a way to get off the island.

Though the Skipper was placed into something of a position of authority with the others, most of the castaways deferred to the judgment of the Professor. The Skipper was strong-minded and able-bodied, but often lost his composure during stressful situations. He mostly associated with Gilligan, whom he regarded as his "Little buddy", and shared a hut with on the island. Though the Skipper cared deeply for Gilligan, the young man's naivete and foolish actions often got under the Skipper's skin, causing him to clap him across the head with his cap. The Skipper held the Professor in high regard and also had a great amount of respect for Mister Howell, though he did find him somewhat aloof at times. He always doted on the women on the island, and particularly enjoyed Mary Ann's coconut cream pies. But then, who didn't enjoy Mary Ann's pie?

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  • The character of Jonas Grumby was created by series showrunner and executive producer Sherwood Schwartz.

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