Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Joshua.

Dark Angel Edit

Joshua was one of the Transgenics developed by Manticore. As a genetically evolved humanoid, Joshua has canine features that sets him apart from baseline humanity. He is exceptionally strong and quite quick-witted, though his lack of education gives some people the impression that he is more simple-minded and beastly than he truly is. Joshua is the first successful Manticore experiment, but is regarded as one of their "rejects". Max Guevara first met Joshua while exploring the subterranean tunnels of the Manticore facility. The two befriended one another, and she took measure to keep him hidden from public view. Joshua was involved in a hostage situation at the Jam Pony wherein Max was forced to expose her true identity to the world. (Dark Angel: Freak Nation)

First Wave Edit

First Wave 1x09 001

Joshua is a fictional alien character and a minor antagonist featured on the US/Canadian science fiction television series First Wave. Played by actor Roger R. Cross, he appeared in episode 1x09, "Joshua". Joshua was an alien member of the Gua. He posed as a U.S. Marshall and joined the manhunt for Cade Foster. While escorting him at gunpoint through the woods, Cade managed to turn the tables on Joshua and impaled him on a tree branch. He then took him captive.

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