Julio Mendez
Flash 1990 1x04 008
Julio Mendez
Series: The Flash
Gender: Male
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Scientist
Location: Central City Police Station, Central City, Missouri
Status: Alive
Born: 1968 [1]
First: "Pilot (Part 1)"
Final: "Trial of the Trickster"
Actor: Alex Désert

Julio Mendez is a fictional scientist and one of the regular supporting cast members on the 1990-1991 superhero fantasy series The Flash. Played by actor Alex Désert, he was introduced in the two-part pilot episode of the show and appeared in all subsequent episodes of the series.

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Julio Mendez was a forensics scientist employed by the Central City Police Department in Central City, Missouri. He was close friends with colleague Barry Allen.

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  • Julio Mendez is a character that is unique to the continuity of The Flash television series. He has no DC Comics counterpart.

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  1. Date approximated based upon the age of actor Alex Désert.