A juror is someone who sits on a jury. Basically, they have to cop a squat in a really uncomfortable chair next to eleven other smelly impatient people, who are corralled inside this wooden box like cattle inside of a courtroom. They listen to lawyers and witnesses prattle on about the details of some criminal trial and their ears perk up whenever the judge bangs the gavel or someone shouts "Objection!" or "Sustained!". After the trial concludes, the twelve jurors go back into a little room and deliberate for endless hours about whether to render a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

In some cases, interested parties may try to manipulate a juror's opinion on a case either through bribes, feeding them false information or straight up blackmail. This process is called jury tampering, which may result in a mistrial.

On the comedy series 30 Rock, Jenna Maroney tried out for a role on a film called The Rural Juror. This led to laughs and awkward moments between Jenna and her colleague Liz Lemon due to the tongue-twisting method of trying to say the name of the movie.

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