33 Episodes that Christy Marx and others Helped Making Samantha the Greatest Celebrity on the Show Period thanks to all the Good Writing and the Way She Did Her Lines

Top Jem/Jerrica Acting Episodes by the Legendary Newark

Midsummer Night's Madness her Funniest Episode and the Episode that Made Her My Favorite Jem Actress and Favorite Soap Actress Especially Her she Confused Everybody trying to figure out why she was disguising 3 Different Characters but also on top when She Had Rio and Riot Chasing After Her all the 1st 5 Legendary 5 Episodes Especailly The Beginning and Battle Of the Bands

One Jem Too Many =she had some funny lines but normally thse are not funny lines but when you acting skills and cute soapy touch like Newark Then It Changes Everything Jem: Those people will move. (walks up to a customer) You, fatso. Hit the road, Jack. I want to eat. (to the Maitre' D while at the restaurant): Hey, baldy. We want the best table you've got. Now. Jem: Okay. Here's some popcorn (dumping a bucket of popcorn on his head) to go along with it. she Was At Her Sexiest With This Quote Jem: All right. If you're the real Jem. Then prove it. Sing something.

The Fan the Best Thing About this one Every Thought it Was Jem's Birthday Top Good acting by her and everybody Playing their Parts and Fake Versions of the Hologram Characters Especially Cindy Mcgee,Bobbie Block,Susan Blu Linda Dangcil and Newark Herself

Starbright Episodes Jem: (After the Misfits finish singing "Universal Appeal") You're through throwing your weight around. ◾Jem: (Catches the star) You're a falling star. (Throws the star back at Pizzazz which knocks her down =She some other good lines and quotes that were so good that I Forgot

The Presidential Dilemma

Last Resorts that Legendary Screaming Performances Falling Off the Skiing Scene and Being Scared by the Bear and Avalanche

Hollywood Jem Episodes


The World Hunger Shindig

Beauty And The Rock Promoter some very entertaining acting from the Jem Herself Sammy Played the Beauty Part Of Jem in that Episode Like a Good Sexy Cute Written Book and the Holograms :) Aja and Raya are naturals on the stage Out Of the Past All the Stinger Epsidoes A Change of Heart A Father Should Be Riot's Hope Stingers Take Town the Day the Music Died That Old Houdini Magic Roxy Rumbles The Jem Jam Episodes The Rock Fashion Book Talent Search Episodes other Notables of her Acting in no order

Alone Again

Culture Clash Island of Deception Music Is Magic

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