Legends Of Halloween the Everything Halloween Encyclopedia Even Has the Same Ideas Like Here you will find pages dedicated to those who have brought us all things creepy, gross, scary, strange, horrifying, disgusting, terrible, and of course fun.Except it Will Only Have 60 Of the Scariest/Celebrated People 30 Legends Everybody Knowns and 30 that Nobody Knowns it's Concepts are Also Like Legends Of Horror Mine Will Also Have Different People Than the Horror Site Has

Legends of HAlloween Just Like Legends Of Horror is a website featuring information on some of the greatest films and T.V. shows in the horror genre. The various options on the left under Characters are pages and bios based on the characters from movies.

The Masters section has people who bring us the great films in the genre. Directors, actors and special effects artists can all be found in this section and more will come.

We have been busy adding Video Games that fall in the horror genre as well as Comics and Authors (horror book series). Legends Of Horror Say More Will Be Added Everymonth But Mine Says More will be added every Day Until Halloween Night at 12 am Of Only This Year

Keep checking it to see whats new and sign our guestbook.

Just Like Horror I Go By Popularity Filmographies Franchises and I Don't Care What the Age Is Like Horr's Got Addy Miller Who's Real Young and She's in the Fame For the Walking Dead But She's Got Other Horror Hits Too Well Why Can't Young Legends in Their Time Like Halloweentown's Kimberly Brown Who's in My Halloween Legends

Creepy Kids MoviesEdit

Showcased forBeing Creepy movies meant for kids. When you were a kid, on Movie Night with the parents, did you ever turn the lights out, then sat down for what you thought was going to be a night of enjoyable movie-watching, only to find yourself hiding behind the couch, peeking out between your fingers at the TV in terror? Then this section is for you!

The Original Includes Nightmare Before Christmas Little Monsters Witches Return Of Oz and others

Except Mine Will Have Even Better Like Monster Vs Aliens Scooby Doo Franchise Halloweentown Franchise Frankenweenie Hotel Transylvania Resident Evil Degeneration Space Jam Sabrina Franchise,ect





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