they Same Rules and Will Apply To Christmas Legends Coming November 1st and I'll Be Taking My Time Longer Since Christmas is 2 Months Mixing Thanksgiving and Christmas Together Every Year I'll Have Some New Myths in the Fame that is If I cANT fIND sOME nEW oNES

They Must Have Done Classic Hits or Unknown thing their Famous For

They Most Go By their Filmographies Both and Short

the Popularity Of Celebrities

Even Young Actors that Have Done Classics Count

it Will  Alway Have Clever Comments and Holiday Writing My Genuis

it Will Have Anything Holiday or Almost Close Holiday Related

You Must Read Every Tribute I'LL Post Before You Vistors Vist the Pages To Unstand the Artist Creative Brain Of Mine

Not Everything Has To Be Scary Even Fun Things Are Counted

the Songs Do'nt Have Be Related As Long as the Shows Are Holiday Like Danny Phantom's You Will Remeber My Name

the Shows Don't Even Have To Hallo Like As Long as the Song and episodes Are Holiday Types

it Will Always Be Lots Of Known and To Unknown Culture Famous Names in Projects

and If You Do Only 1 Holiday Episode and That's it Then They Will Not Be in There Like Jem's Legendary  Trick Or Techrat the Episode Will Not just  Put You in the Fame it Self You Must Have Other Holiday Treasures To to Be Classifed and Famed

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