Samantha Lombardi Singing the Legendary Scary Song To Growing Up Creepie - Creepie Kids (Live) HQ HD (1080p) 1 of Justin the Creator Legends Of Halloween Site On Tv Database Favorite Idols and SingersEdit

Meet the Legend Master! Of Legends Of Halloween it's Based on Alorika Sceleris's Legends Of Horror Some of you may already know the identity of the Legend Master, a.k.a.Justin Light Adam Bunnell  Legends of Halloween and the  Straight Guy Who's Straight Every Thing/Subject/Person Out There Mostly Famous For His Work on A Couple Of Brian Kurtz Sites Instead Of a Video of Myself Mine's Got Cool Scary and Fun Stuff About Me

FAVORITE Halloween Show Growing Up Creepie  it's about this Spider Gothic Bug Doll with Big Barbie Eyes who Was Raised By Bugs Starting Athena Karankis and Theme Singer Samantha Lombardi  [2]



     Justin's Favorie Halloween Singers Boris Pickett

Samantha Lombardi From Growing up Creepie* Music [5][6][7]YouTube Mix*Top tracks

Creepie Kids 3:11
Smile You Can't Erase 4:00
Save Me 2:57
Do You

W.I.T.C.H.'s Marion Raven We Are Witch Guardian Unite Monster High's Angela Dusico and Madison Beer

Jem's Britta Phillips Fun To Be Scared

Baha Men and Paul Gordon's It's Spooky In Here From Digimon                        DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - "Nightmare On My Street" (1988)                        Ray Parker, Jr Ghostbusters [8]

Bridgette Hammers Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch - Music Video - Cast My Spell On YouEdit

  • Warren Zevon Werewolves Of London
  • Elvira
  • Danny Smith Big Wolf On Campus
  • Hathaway Brown Vampire Babysitter's She's the Girl Next Door

and Andrew Gold Especially Witches Witches Witches What'ya Gonna Do

My Favorite Top Halloween Voice Actors

Danny Phantom/Scooby's Grey Delisle

Scooby Doo/Charmed's Jennifer Hale

Scooby Doo/Monster,ect Voice God Frank Welker

Sabrina's Hart Sisters Melissa Joan Hart and Emily Hart

Ashley Tisdale Sabrina Secrets Of Witch and Aliens in the Attic

Britt McKillip Sabrina's Secret Life and Scary Godmother

Scott Mcneil From Scary Godmother Scooby Doo Monsters Unleashed and Casper's Haunted Christmas

Monster High's Kate HigginsMyotismon and Ghost in the Shell's Richard Epcar

Tabitha St Germain Sabrina Secrets Of Witch Scary Godmother

Kath Soucie Danny Phantom Ghostbusters Casper

Other Daphne Blakes Heather North and Mary Kay Bergman

Justin's Favorite Monsters in Order

Werewolves and All the Girls From Monster High




Justin's Favorite Classic Legends

Bela Lugosi/Boris Karloff/Lon Chaney Jr

Favorite Modern Veterans Legends in their Own Time all

3 1st Halloweentown'Movies/Big Bad Wolf's Kimberly Brown

Sabrina Teenage Witch/Voice Of 1990's Sabrina Cartoon Emily Hart aka Melissa's Sister

Voice God Of Monster Sounds and Voice Of Fred Jones Frank Welker

2nd Voice Of Daphe Blake Heather North

Grey Delisle Danny Phantom/Scooby's Current Daphne

and Charmed Guest Star and Singer Of Scooby Doo Hex Girl Songs Jennifer Hale

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