Apologies, Master. This page is about the robot character. For the TV series, see K-9.
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K9, also spelled out as either K-9, or K•9, is a fictional robot featured in the British television franchise Doctor Who. The robot was introduced in the original series as a companion to the Fourth Doctor, and has also been a loyal ally to the Doctor's humanoid companions as well. K9, throughout his various iterations, has also been associated with Sarah Jane Smith and, for a brief time, the Tenth Doctor as well. K9 has made appearances on the 2005 Doctor Who revival series, the spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures, and has also been the feature character in his own K-9 television series. On the original series, K9 was voiced by actor John Leeson.

History Edit

K-9 frequently played chess against the Doctor on the TARDIS, and often won. [1]

Characteristics Edit

  • Refers to the Doctor as Master and calls the Doctor's female companions by the title Mistress.
  • K-9 has been programmed with all championship chess games since 1866. [1]

Models Edit

K9 Mark I Edit

K9 Mark II Edit

K9 Mark III Edit

Notes Edit

  • The K9 designation is an obvious pun on the word canine, which is a subfamily which includes dogs, wolves, coyotes and hyenas.

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